Welcome to Intention Inspired

A safe place to rediscover yourself.

Intention Inspired

We’re here to bring together people who are focused on self-discovery to offer a loving collaborative space so that we can inspire our most authentic self to shine.

How We Do It

We work with inspiring mentors to create courses that include practices, tools, modalities, and insights that foster inner growth. Hand in hand, we serve to uplift one and another along this long and bumpy journey of relentless self-love.

One simple intention at a time.

Leading from the heart, we are cultivating presence, peace, connection, and love into our lives, one breathe at a time, one inspired intention at a time.

What We Believe

  • We believe your life is sacred, integral to the whole, complete from the start.
  • We believe that letting yourself be seen should be celebrated.
  • We believe that living your truth is easier when we have each other.
  • We believe we're all on the same journey home, each with our own unique path.
  • We believe that together we accomplish more than we can ever do alone
  • We believe in empowering you to believe in the power and beauty in your own voice.
  • We believe the creative expression of your essential nature is your birthright

What you can expect as a member.

By navigating through each course together, we can hold each other accountable to do the work, through all the beautiful ups and downs.

Sharing your journey and witnessing another's deepens and integrates the experiences and lessons that resonate throughout our courses.

There is transformational power in doing this work so we're excited to facilitate this in a deeper way.

Every month, we will focus on a different course and will offer the following:

A supportive community.

This is a brand new community space that gives you the ability to share posts, photos, or whatever inspiration strikes! Like a Facebook Group with less distraction and more intention. This space will also facilitate the opportunity to connect with other members who live near you and/or are focused on similar things.

Daily intentions and inspirations.

You’ll have unlimited access to our growing collection of intentional inspirations. Only now we’ll be encouraging the community to follow the same daily intentions so we can grow and learn together.

Live sessions with the hosts.

  • To gain clarity on our goals and intentions throughout each course
  • To hold space for Q&As
  • To share our experience and celebrate what we’ve accomplished
  • To more deeply integrate what we’ve discovered about ourselves.

Join us, we would absolutely love to have you along for the journey!

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