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a fun way to discover Self ... one inspiring intention at a time

We create short daily sessions within our self-guided journeys that inspire deeper awareness and connection to Self.

We are committed to the daily practice of self-discovery so that we can live in more alignment with our most authentic Self—where the possibility of love, abundance, peace, and fulfillment is always present.

Join as a supporting member to access our growing collection of 30+ journeys that include hundreds of inspiring sessions. Matt will also send you an intentional ritual kit as a warm welcome.

Find what works for you.

We leave beliefs and dogma behind and focus on methods, techniques, and exercises.

We journey better when we journey together.

In this safe, fun, and loving space, we're encouraged to listen to our hearts, follow what brings us joy, and encourage our authentic Selves to shine. This private community space gives us the ability to share posts, photos, start live-streaming, or whatever/whenever inspiration strikes! It's like a Facebook Group with less distraction and more intention.

Sound fun?

We are ... and so are you 😉

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If you would like a membership to Intention Inspired but truly cannot afford it, please request a free account. While we operate a business, we believe that money should never be the reason why someone can't gain access to Intention Inspired.

The Intentional Ritual Gift is for new members and includes our custom handmade bloodstone & onyx 108-bead brave mala necklace, a matching 21-bead mala bracelet, palo santo with a ritual guide, journal, pen, handpicked & tumbled gemstone, and seed cards.

Intentional Ritual Gifts are mailed out after the free trial period.

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  • We believe your life is sacred, integral to the whole, complete from the start.
  • We believe that letting ourselves be seen should be celebrated.
  • We believe that living our truth is easier when we have each other.
  • We believe we're all on the same journey home, each with our own unique path.
  • We believe that together we accomplish more than we can ever do alone.
  • We believe in empowering ourselves to believe in the power and beauty in our own voice.
  • We believe the creative expression of our essential nature is our birthright.